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PEOPIL Lawyer of the Year Award 2017

PEOPIL is delighted to announce that the Members of the PEOPIL Tort Reform Group

Marco Bona

Clive Garner

Philip Mead

Jenny Papettas

were awarded the PEOPIL PI Lawyer of the Year Award 2017.

This is in recognition of their hard work for the PEOPIL Law Reform Group.

Through their valuable contributions to many consultations and hearings at EU and national level. Over many years they have helped European Citizens to be better protected in case of personal injury suffered abroad as they would have been otherwise.

Examples of their work include replies to consultations for the various Motor Insurance Directives,  the Package Travel Directive or most recently contribution to the EP initiative to harmonising limitation periods across the EU.

The Awards will be given at the PEOPIL 20th Anniversary Conference in London, 7-9 September 2017. 



When 12-06-2017