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PEOPIL President John Beer was an invited guest speaker at the annual Medical & Pharmaceutical Law Section of the Warsaw Bar Association on the 13th of December 2019.

Over 200 lawyers attended the Conference and Mr Beer spoke about medical negligence practice in the Netherlands and in some other European countries.  He also stressed the importance to the delegates of how to be an effective advocate on behalf of medical negligence victims by the integration of legal and medical knowledge and the benefits of becoming a PEOPIL member.

When 09-01-2020

Mr Beer said today “PEOPIL members are at the forefront of fighting for access to justice for victims of medical negligence in all European countries. I wish to thank Joanna Wielgolawska,  a practising lawyer and PEOPIL member based in Warsaw and the Chair of the Medical & Pharmaceutical Law Section of the Warsaw Bar Association for giving me the opportunity to address the delegates and to contribute to the continuing specialisation of Polish lawyers”.


Speaking about the successful Conference Mr Beer added “the most important roles of the Warsaw Bar are to cultivate the science of law, to promote law reform and to facilitate the administration of justice.  In 2016, there were more than 22,000 Attorneys licensed to practice law in Poland, the majority of whom practice in Warsaw”.


He continued “the Conference heard how medical negligence cases in Poland are usually dealt with in the criminal system but unfortunately thousands of cases are still pending before the Office of the Public Prosecutor.  Regretfully few cases are actually ever prosecuted.  Criminal complaints are being made in negligence cases in Poland by lawyers who hope that their clients can benefit from expert opinions which become available in the criminal system without a cost for the client.  There is currently much debate amongst Polish lawyers as to whether this is a correct course to follow or not”.


If you wish to learn more abut medical negligence law and want to work with international Medical Negligence Lawyers, please contact our CEO Dr Wolfgang Resch at on how to become a member of the Medical Negligence EEG, or if you are not a member yet, on how to become a PEOPIL Member.

John Beer, President of PEOPIL