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PEOPIL’s CEO Dr Wolfgang Resch has welcomed the recent appointment of Hugh James Personal Injury Lawyer Rebecca Gilmore as the new Co-Editor of PEOPIL’s Bulletin Magazine. Rebecca will serve as Co-Editor with PEOPIL Spanish Board member Natalia Astigarraga, Senior Associate with the Madrid based International Law Firm, Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo.

When 10-01-2020

The Bulletin is PEOPIL’s quarterly magazine which highlights the work of PEOPIL members in their various jurisdictions and on important developments in personal injury law and relevant legislative changes.


In welcoming Rebecca’s appointment Dr Resch said today “I am delighted that Rebecca has agreed to become the new Co-Editor of the PEOPIL Bulletin Magazine. I wish Rebecca and Natalia well in their new partnership and also wish to thank Hugh James Partner Katherine Allen, retiring Co-Editor for her great work over many years.”


He added “Rebecca has many years experience dealing with issues of jurisdiction and applicable law. Her passion is helping victims gain access to rehabilitation and financial support at a time of vulnerability particularly when accidents occur abroad. I look forward to working with Rebecca and Natalia over the next few years to ensure the Bulletin continues to inform and educate our members on current legal issues.”


If any member of PEOPIL has a topic that they feel is worth consideration by Rebecca and Natalia for inclusion in the Bulletin please feel free to email Rebecca at or Natalia at  or PEOPIL CEO Dr Resch at .

The latest Bulletin edition can be viewed here.

Natalia Astigarraga


Rebecca Gilmore