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Jolanta Budzowska, attorney-at-law, is a founding partner at the Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners Attorneys at law ( law firm in Poland. She provides legal assistance to victims in personal injury cases. Her expertise focuses on medical negligence cases, road traffic claims , serious work accident claims and aviation accidents. She has obtained for her  client’s  some of the highest awards for personal injury victims in the history of the Polish Judicature. She represents clients in all cross-border personal injury cases involving a Polish aspect.


She is widely recognized as a leading personal injury lawyer in Poland, named one of the 50 Most Influential Lawyers in 2018 (Daily Legal Newspaper ranking) and awarded with a Golden Paragraph in the Best General Counsel category.


Since January 2012 Jolanta has been a member of the Provincial Commission in the Małopolska voivodeship, which is one of 16 such commissions that have been established in Poland. The main aim of those commissions is to rule on the matter of medical negligence in a special extrajudicial administrative mode. In 2018 she was appointed for her second term. 


Jolanta Budzowska can be contacted by email at or via BFP’s office +48 12 428 00 70.


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