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PEOPIL is a family and like all families in times of crisis we look after each other. COVID – 19 has lead to an unprecedented crisis and has significantly disrupted all of our daily routines and has placed enormous strain on our families and livelihoods. The challenge now will be to survive this crisis.

Also, in times of crisis we protect the interests of our clients. As President of PEOPIL I urge all colleagues to act in a responsible manner and put health issues first. Handling cases in a collegiate manner may require that, if at all possible, procedural matters should be agreed so that consent Orders can be made in cases to avoid parties having to unnecessarily attend Court. If meetings or settlement discussions can be rescheduled to later dates, or can be done through video conference, I would ask colleagues to do so without disagreement. We must all work together to fight this pandemic.

PEOPIL takes the health and safety of all our members and staff seriously.  We have already cancelled our Young Lawyers Conference which was to be held in Madrid at the end of this month, our RTA Conference in Copenhagen scheduled for May and our Joint Aviation Conference with McGill University slated for Paris in June 2020.  We will continue to act on the best advice from the WHO and European Heath Authorities.

Finally, if any of us on the Executive Board and our CEO Wolfgang ( ; mobile +44 (0)7803924210  can provide any support to you we are only a phone call away.

Please stay healthy and safe!






When 19-03-2020