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Ana Sihtar is a founding partner at SIHTAR Attorneys at Law, an expanding law firm based in Rijeka, Croatia, providing a comprehensive range of legal services for the business community not only in Croatia but also in the South-East European region (ex-Yugoslavia).


Ana’s legal practice involves counselling and dispute resolution for foreign and domestic clients in matters of maritime, insurance, commercial and environmental law.


Ana earned a law degree from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law in 1977. She received various awards among which the award of the Dean of the University of Zagreb in 1975 and the World Bank award for her contribution to the realisation of World Bank projects in Croatia, 2008.

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Over almost three decades she has developed a consolidated experience in representing personal injury claims ranging from transport of passengers by sea, road and air to claims involving tour operators and hotels. Her broad involvement in matters of international private law build up her considerable experience in the implementation of conflict of laws principles as well as EU law to cross-borders accidents.


In addition to acting as an attorney in personal injury cases Ana also provides legal insights and advices on Croatian law as well as assessments on the quantum of damages an injured person can recover under Croatian law.


She is the author of numerous articles, opinions, and comments dealing with maritime, insurance and international trade law, most of which published in the Comparative Maritime Law journal by the Adriatic Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.


With 30years of experience, Ana has been involved in a number of ad hoc, domestic and international, bodies for drafting laws, among which the UNCTAD/WTO Committee on Joined Venture Model Agreements and the Committee on International Commercial Model Contracts for Small and Medium Enterprises, for which she gave her contribution in drafting the relative model agreements, published in January 2004 and 2010.


A part from being a member of PEOPIL since 2004 and one of its board members since 2006, Ana is also the former Secretary of the IBA’s Women Lawyers’ Interest Group.


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