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PEOPIL’s Romanian General Board Member is Virgil Melnic of the Virgil Melnic Law Office (VMLO) with offices based in Timisoara, Romania.

Virgil heads up a niche Law Firm specialising in personal injury cases.  Virgil’s main areas of practice are cross-border injury cases, road traffic cases, tourist and travel injury claims and international litigation.

Virgil is the Author of 2008 Romanian Report to European Commission “Compensation of Victims of Cross- Border RTA of Victims of Cross-Border Road Traffic Accidents in the EU” and PIL Country Expert as VMLO is co-counsel with International Law Firms in Cross-Border cases. 

Virgil has spoken at International Legal Conferences about the Personal Injury system in Romania.  He has been involved in many catastrophic personal injury cases and has secured large damages for injury victims in the RO & UK Courts, as the Country Expert and Witness.

Virgil Melnic can be contacted via email at

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