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PEOPIL President says Pharmaceutical Industry must display “social entrepreneurship” in the fight against COVID – 19.

The world is in crisis and Pharma companies are globally playing a key role in the combat against COVID – 19. It is about developing new therapies to fight the virus, developing and/or making available diagnostic supplies for determining if people are infected by the virus and participating in the rush to develop a vaccine to immunise against COVID – 19 infection.

When 07-04-2020

Speaking today about the huge role big Pharma has to play in the fight against Covid-19 PEOPIL President John Beer said “all of these efforts are to be supported and it is more important than ever that their combined research and development knowledge are used, not exclusively for profit for their shareholders, but for the greater good of society at this crucial time”.

Mr Beer continued “while acknowledging the commercial interests of the Industry, this is a time to look beyond these and recognize its great responsibility within society in times of health crisis. Governments and their citizens place their trust in these companies, which is vital for the development of their products. Pharma companies should not exploit their unique position at this time by giving priority to their commercial interests and must practice “responsible entrepreneurship” and not use the crisis as a way to inflate their profits when so many people have lost their incomes”.

Mr Beer added “examples of exploiting the shortage are the selling of hand sanitizers and face masks to the highest bidder, and trying to keep a unique and relevant formula to oneself while being unable to produce the urgently needed diagnostic supplies in adequate volumes. Drug companies must act responsibly, and any cost increases should be proportionate. We all hope that this pandemic will soon pass and that a vaccine will shortly be available so that many lives can be saved. The pharma industry would do well to realize that when that sunny day arrives Governments and citizens will remember those companies that have acted responsibly and in the bests interests of all citizens”.



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John Beer, President of PEOPIL