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The Pan European organisation of Personal Injury lawyers, founded in 1998 has a European origin but since then has successfully recruited members from the United States, Canada, South Africa and Panama. PEOPIL now has over 450 members with numbers continuing to grow.

Commenting on the continued growth of PEOPIL in these difficult times, Liam Moloney, PEOPIL Revitalisation Officer said today “we are delighted that PEOPIL continues to grow its membership, particularly given the challenge of Covid-19. One of the main goals of PEOPIL is the referral of cases between members. The primary idea is to help our members in securing cross border cases from other countries and we continue to provide contact names and addresses to members requiring instant help with case referrals”.

He added “as part of our ongoing membership services we have organised many webinars this year dealing with a wide range of legal issues and mass tort cases. These webinars have proven to be very successful in not only providing valuable information on these cases to our members but also providing a platform for our members to remain connected”.

We continue to publish our quarterly newsletter “the Bulletin” containing articles and case studies on Personal Injury law from across the EU and we welcome contributions from our members”.

Dr Wolfgang Resch PEOPIL CEO, who is tasked with co-ordinating all PEOPIL membership development activity urged Lawyers to consider becoming a PEOPIL member. “There are many benefits to being a PEOPIL member which include not only helping member’s secure case referrals from Law offices all over Europe and indeed the world but also giving a platform for networking and sharing information on a wide range of personal injury cases.

Members can join any of our established European Exchange Groups where members exchange information and work together on Maritime, Aviation, Road Traffic and Whiplash, Product Liability, Mass Tort, Medical Negligence, Insurance Law and Tourism cases”.

He continued “In addition, new member firms are immediately listed on the PEOPIL website together with a photo and description of the firm’s services enhancing the members profile in their Country.”

If you wish to become a member of PEOPIL today, please feel free to contact our CEO Dr. Wolfgang Resche at or simply click this link to become a new member.


When 26-08-2020

Liam Moloney PEOPIL Revitalisayion Officer


Wolfgang Resch PEOPIL CEO