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PEOPIL & AI position paper

PEOPIL has presented its response to the European Commission’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence and the Report on the safety and liability implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and robotics (hereinafter the Report), respectively COM(2020) 65 final and COM(2020) 64 final. PEOPIL proposed a new uniform liability regime and mandatory insurance for personal injury and death damages caused by AI artefacts/systems including drones, robots, driverless vehicles and medical devices. This regime would address the liability of owners, operators and users of AI artefacts/systems. Our members Philip Mead and Marco Bona contributed to the drafting of the paper. The latter has been appointed as PEOPIL representative for the the next meeting on 9 October of the AI Alliance Assembly constituted by the European Commission.

When 09-09-2020

Marco Bona 

Philip Mead