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Victims of Transvaginal Mesh

Every lawyer who has listened to a client who is a victim of Transvaginal Mesh is deeply appalled by how lives can be destroyed by an unsafe medical device. The severity of the pain and the physical (and intimate) limitations is heart breaking.

It adds to the cruelty of the problems of these women that it is very difficult to remove these devices after they are implanted. It has been reported that some victims have chosen not to live any longer in this ordeal without a solution.

Courts in various countries have already labelled these products as defective. Manufacturers have been found to having abused the trust of patients and doctors by hiding its risks.

These products were in fact not evaluated properly on their safety and effectiveness before they were put on the market. While the manufacturers have been hiding the risks, the medical community has not exercised its proper duty of care by irresponsibly rushing into the use of these devices. Many government agencies have failed to prevent this health care disaster. This a matter of a very broad responsibility of all parties involved.

PEOPIL supports the interests of victims of Transvaginal Mesh. It is important that governments as well as medical communities provide support to these victims by making the highest level of expertise available to them. 


Amsterdam, 17 February 2021

John Beer, President of PEOPIL

When 17-02-2021