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Liam Moloney and Washington Lawyer Altom Maglio to discuss Vaccine Related Injuries at PEOPIL’s Malaga Annual Conference.

PEOPIL Executive Board member Liam Moloney ( and Altom Maglio, the Managing Partner of the leading Vaccine injury Lawyers firm in the USA, Maglio Christopher & Toale ( ), will address our Annual Pan European Organisation for Personal Injuries Lawyers ( Conference in Malaga in October 2021 about serious vaccine adverse side effects and how patient’s rights to seek compensation for such serious side effects are dealt with in the differing legal systems of the USA and Ireland.

This will be part of a wider discussion around Legal Accountability for Covid-19 related injuries and litigation that is currently taking place throughout Europe. Ms Abigail Holt, Barrister from Garden Court Chambers, UK will also speak on this topic.

Mr Moloney will address the conference about rare shoulder injuries related to vaccine administration (S.I.R.V.A) and Mr Maglio shall discuss his experience of representing patients in obtaining compensation under the US Vaccine Compensation Programme before the United States Court of Federal Claims.

Speaking today about the upcoming conference Liam Moloney said “there are many different types of vaccines not only including the Covid-19 vaccines, but also the Chickenpox, Flu, HPV, MMR, Tetanus, Rotavirus and Pertussis Vaccines. Thankfully the vast majority of side effects from vaccines are mild to moderate in nature. In Ireland the National reporting experience continues to support the favourable assessment that the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks associated with them.

However, in very rare cases people can unfortunately suffer serious side effects and in Ireland, unlike 17 other EU Countries, there is currently no Statutory Vaccine Injury Compensation Scheme. Therefore, the very small number of people who experience serious side effects following vaccine administration are left with no option but to seek legal advice so that investigations can take place to determine whether these serious side effects were caused or contributed to by the components of the vaccine or by the manner of its administration.”

Speaking about his invitation to address the PEOPIL International Legal Conference Mr Maglio said “I wish to thank the organisers of the PEOPIL Annual Conference for inviting me to speak about my experience representing patients in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) in the United States Court of Federal claims. The VICP is a unique no-fault system meant to resolve vaccine injury claims. My personal practice involves representing Plaintiffs in the United States who are regretfully injured by medical products (such as vaccinations, hip replacements and drugs) and in other complex Litigation.

In the main all vaccines are safe and have some acceptable side effects but unfortunately on very rare occasions people can sustain very serious side effects and they are entitled to the best legal representation to ensure that their injuries are correctly diagnosed, treated and that they are fully compensated for any personal injuries and loss they sustain”.

For the programme and registration, please use this link to our conference website.
You are invited to register and pay for your attendance with credit card or bank transfer.
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When 27-07-2021

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