Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Oskar Riedmeyer is Chair of PEOPIL’s Insurance Law European Exchange Group (EEG) and is a partner in the German Law Firm Dr. Eick & Partner. He is based in Munich.  He was admitted as a lawyer in 1989 and specialises in insurance and road traffic law.

Oskar is also a Board Member of the Institute of European Traffic Law and is Deputy Chairman of the Federal Supreme Court of the German Football Association.

Oskar acts for Defence Insurance Companies and has published many publications dealing with jurisdiction and applicable law in cases of accidents abroad, international responsibility for traffic accidents and dealing with breach of duty in motor insurance.

Members of the Insurance Law group regularly exchange information about current EU regulations and legal updates and often refer work to each other such as the recovery of medical liens, provision of expert opinions and the defence of cross border injury claims.

Oskar Riedmeyer, Chair of the PEOPIL Insurance Law Group


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