Product Liability, Pharmaceutical and Mass Tort

Product Liability, Pharmaceutical and Mass Tort

Mark Harvey is the partner in charge of the Specialist Claims group at Hugh James in Cardiff and London, where he is the Lead Partner.

He has obtained compensation for many individual victims of common but defective consumer products, as well as those of accidents overseas and arising out of travel, sport and leisure generally. He has been involved in claims in Britain, Europe, Africa, Australia and the United States arising out of medicines, medical devices and transport.

He has obtained substantial damages in various currencies from companies in many countries for British and foreign workers killed and injured in employment-related accidents. He currently represents several foreign nationals in UK-based employer and product liability claims and has been successful in recovering compensation for the victims of several aeroplane and helicopter crashes, where he continues to bring his product liability expertise to bear.

Mark now also leads a team focussing on data breaches and misuse of private information, securing various remedies for victims against government departments and many private national and multi-national corporations.

Mark chairs the Pharmaceutical, Product Liability and Mass Tort EEG. In this capacity, he represents PEOPIL on the European Commission Expert Working Group on the Product Liability Directive. The group is also a focal point for product liability and collective redress actions across Europe and the rest of the World.

The group is made up of members from Europe, Australia and the United States whose practise focusses on the key areas. There is exchanging of information on topics which often cross territorial boundaries; the metal on metal hips, VW emissions and Boeing aircraft issues are three good examples. Whilst the law and court procedures may vary significantly from country to country, the product alerts, and information and knowledge gained in different countries is an often-invaluable resource for mutual cooperation.

The EGG has held three conferences with another in early planning for Autumn 2020. The subjects covered have included how the Product Liability Directive has been applied across the EU; how class actions work in the EU, UK and US; PIP breast implants and hot topics in product liability and mass torts. The SIG would like to encourage both attendance at the next conference, and subjects and volunteers for presentation.

Mark Harvey, Chair of the PEOPIL  Pharmaceutical, Product Liability and Mass Tort EEG


If you would like to become a member of this EEG, please contact Dr Wolfgang Resch PEOPIL CEO today by email or if you are not a PEOPIL Member yet, you can join here.