Product Liability, Pharmaceutical and Mass Tort

Product Liability, Pharmaceutical and Mass Tort

The Product Liability, Pharmaceutical and Mass Tort EEG is the product of a merger between the Product Liability EEG, led by Mark Harvey and the Pharmaceutical Products EEG led by John Beer.

The reasoning for this is that these are specialised areas and there are few practioners who do not practice in both areas of law. Although product liability is generally dominated by pharmaceutical claims, there are of course also claims for medical devices and common domestic products including but not limited to furniture and toys. The law that would be applicable in the majority of cases for the victims osuch incidents is a common one eminating from the original Product Liability Directive. Similarly although it is entirely possible and frequently happens that there will be a unitary claim, more often than not if there is a product liability claim it will need a collective remedy. For this reason it remains suitable to continue with the mass torts element


The new chairperson of the group is John Beer

The secretary is Jolanta Budzowska

Mark Harvey kindly agreed to be an adviser