Executive and General Board

Executive and General Board


Executive Board:


Ana Romero

  Soren Vagner Nielsen
Vice President

Ana is the National Head of the Tort Law and Personal Injury Department of the leading Spanish Law Firm Cremades & Calvo – Sotelo (www.cremadescalvosotelo.com). She is a recognised litigator specialising in personal injury claims and has over twenty years of experience representing Spanish and International victims. Her work involves several different backgrounds including travel related claims, clinical negligence, product liability and industrial illness.

Ana has also been a Governor of the American Association for Justice (www.justice.org) and currently co-chairs the International Practice Section. In what concerns her academic activity, she is an Associate Lecturer in Tort Law at the International University of Andalucía and the University of Málaga. Ana is fluent in English and French.
  Soren has been Vice President of PEOPIL since 2013 and is a Senior Partner of the Danish law Firm Plesner (www.plesner.com).

Soren is a highly experienced litigator before all Danish Courts of Law. He handles a broad range of cases involving personal injury, construction law, accident and labour market insurance as well as product liability. Soren also has experience in advising clients on cases with German documentation and speaks German fluently.


Clive Garner

  Stefano Dangel
Revitalization Officer


Clive Garner is a partner in Irwin Mitchell in England, specialising in complex and high value individual and group action claims. In his 30 year career at the firm he has successfully represented thousands of clients in high value and high profile cases including aviation, marine, road traffic and product liability claims in the UK and around the world.

Clive is a founding members of PEOPIL;  a Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers ; Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies;  past member of the Board of Governors of the American Association of Justice (AAJ) and past Chair of its International Practice Section; past member of the Executive Management Board of the Institute of European Traffic Law (IETL).


Following independent research by both the Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 directories, Clive has consistently been top ranked in the UK for both claimant International Personal Injury and claimant Aviation.  He has also won a number of awards from organisations including PEOPIL, AAJ and The Law Society.  

Clive has spoken at numerous international conferences and chaired a number of others. He has been consulted by the Law Society, the Ministry of Justice, the European Parliament and the European Commission on a number of law reform initiatives and has consistently sought to improve the rights of injured victims and their families. 



Dr Stefano Dangel, a Partner at Dolce Lauda Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB, has been appointed to the PEOPIL Executive Board for a two-year period.  Stefano will serve as its Revitalisation Officer and will have as his main focus new membership recruitment, marketing and strategic planning.


Dr Dangel is a prominent German lawyer and mediator and is also a Board Member of the Society for the Exchange of Ideas of German-Italian Lawyers, a member of the Institute for European Traffic Law, the American Association of Justice (AAJ) and as a trusted lawyer of the ADAC (German Automobile Club). 


Stefano is fluent in German, Italian, English and French and is licenced to practice law at the Bar in Frankfurt am Main



Liam Moloney

Liam is the Managing Partner of Moloney Solicitors based in Dublin, Ireland and was recently appointed as PEOPIL Revitalisation Officer on the Executive Board. Liam specialises in Plaintiff personal injury and medical negligence claims. Liam is a past Chairman of the American Association of Justice International Practice Section and is a current member of its Board of Governors.    


General Board:


Dr Ivo Greiter





General Board Member of PEOPIL for Austria Dr Ivo Greiter is a very well- known Austrian Personal Injury Lawyer.  Ivo is the Senior Partner of the eleven Partner and eight Associate Law Firm Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners based in Innsbruck,  Austria. Ivo’s Law Firm was founded by his Grandfather in 1897.  His Father joined the Firm in 1926 and it has grown to become the largest Law Practice in Western Austria.

Ivo Greiter is an International Personal Injuries Specialist who achieved the highest amount for compensation for pain and suffering for a client in a judgement given by the Austrian Supreme Court.  Ivo has published several articles and books dealing with compensation for pain and suffering after an accident and for trauma.

Ivo is always willing to assist foreign lawyers whose clients may have accidents in Austria and can provide formal legal opinions dealing with Austrian Personal Injury Practice and applicable law.  Ivo can be contacted via email at ivo.greiter@lawfirm.at or by telephone 0043-51 2-571811.

If you wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com and are an Austrian based Lawyer please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.



Peter de Maeyer




PEOPIL’s Belgian Peter De Maeyer has been practising as a lawyer since 1991 and is a Partner with the Antwerp based Law Firm HBSV www.hbsv-law.be

Peter specialises in liability and insurance law (victims support), assessing human suffering (on National and International levels), traffic accidents, medical and product liability claims, damage caused by animals and sexual offence cases.

While also being PEOPIL’s prominent Belgian Board Member he is also Board Member of the Antwerp Bar Insurance Work Group and a member of the Commission for Financial Assistance to Victims of Deliberate Acts of Violence and persons who assist them.

Peter can be contacted at peter.demaeyer@hbsv-law.be or at his offices at HBSV Advocaten, Jordaenskaai 16 – B001, 2000 Antwerpen Telephone 00323 2067878

If you wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com and are a Belgian based lawyer please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Ana Sihtar



Ana Sihtar is a founding partner at SIHTAR Attorneys at Law, an expanding law firm based in Rijeka, Croatia, providing a comprehensive range of legal services for the business community not only in Croatia but also in the South-East European region (ex-Yugoslavia).

 Ana’s legal practice involves counselling and dispute resolution for foreign and domestic clients in matters of maritime, insurance, commercial and environmental law.

 Ana earned a law degree from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law in 1977. She received various awards among which the award of the Dean of the University of Zagreb in 1975 and the World Bank award for her contribution to the realisation of World Bank projects in Croatia, 2008.

 Over almost three decades she has developed a consolidated experience in representing personal injury claims ranging from transport of passengers by sea, road and air to claims involving tour operators and hotels. Her broad involvement in matters of international private law build up her considerable experience in the implementation of conflict of laws principles as well as EU law to cross-borders accidents.

 In addition to acting as an attorney in personal injury cases Ana also provides legal insights and advices on Croatian law as well as assessments on the quantum of damages an injured person can recover under Croatian law.

 She is the author of numerous articles, opinions, and comments dealing with maritime, insurance and international trade law, most of which published in the Comparative Maritime Law journal by the Adriatic Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

With 30years of experience, Ana has been involved in a number of ad hoc, domestic and international, bodies for drafting laws, among which the UNCTAD/WTO Committee on Joined Venture Model Agreements and the Committee on International Commercial Model Contracts for Small and Medium Enterprises, for which she gave her contribution in drafting the relative model agreements, published in January 2004 and 2010.

A part from being a member of PEOPIL since 2004 and one of its board members since 2006, Ana is also the former Secretary of the IBA’s Women Lawyers’ Interest Group.

If you are a personal injury lawyer and wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member 



Marie Cilinkova

Czech Republic


Marie Cilinkova began practicing as an Attorney in 1969, specializing in personal injury cases, medical malpractice, medical law and general family law.  In 1990 Marie founded her own law firm AK Cilinkova. 

Besides being a prominent personal injury specialist Marie has acted for 30 years as an instructor and lecturer for articling attorneys under the Czech Bar Association. Marie has lectured both young and experienced lawyers in medical law and legal ethics for the CBA and at the Faculty of Law at the Charles University.

Marie is a founding member of PEOPIL, and a former head of the Czech Women Lawyers Association and founding member of the Association of family law attorneys.

In 2007 Marie was elected as a Lawyer of the year for her work in the field of family law.

Marie’s Firm are always happy to provide to lawyers opinions on quantum and applicable law in the Czech Republic and Marie can be contacted at office@akcilinkova.cz

If you are a Czech based lawyer and wish to become a member of PEOPIL  www.peopil.com please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Julie Harder



Julie Harder is PEOPIL’s Danish Board Member. She works as an attorney at Elmer Advokater in Copenhagen www.elmer-av.dk
Julie works with all types of personal injury cases, including injuries in cases of violence, medical negligence and road traffic accidents which she handles both inside and outside of court. Furthermore, Julie is particularly skilled in the calculation of claims for compensation in accordance with the Danish Liability for Damages Act. Along with her work at Elmer Advokater, Julie has been teaching at the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen since 2019.

If you need assistance with any Danish associated personal injury claims Julie is happy to help and can be contacted at jha@elmer-adv.dk
If you are a Danish based lawyer and wish to become a member of PEOPIL  www.peopil.com  please feel free to contact our Administrator Philippine Bax or simply click on this link to become a PEOPIL Member.


Philip Mead



General Board member for England & Wales is Philip Mead. Philip is a practising Barrister at 12 King’s, Bench Walk, London and is part of the International & Travel Group of 12KBW.  Philip has been named as a Star Individual in Chambers & Partners for several years in respect of International and Travel Claims and has appeared in the leading cases on jurisdiction and conflict of laws.  With over twenty years’ experience in cross-border claims, Philip Mead has particular expertise in the field of European law and in the application of the Motor Insurance Directives, the Judgement Regulation and the Rome II Regulation.  Philip’s personal injury practice involves claims of the utmost severity.  Philip regularly also provides opinions on applicable law and quantum for foreign lawyers. 

Philip can be contacted at 12 Kings Bench Walk, Temple, London EC4Y7EL or via email at mead@12kbw.co.uk

If you wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com and are a UK based solicitor please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.



Jean-Pierre Bellecave



Jean Pierre Bellecave has been practising as a Lawyer since 1981 and is registered to practice law both in France and in Spain. Jean Pierre is a Partner with the International Law Firm BCV Lex (www.bcvlex.com)

Jean Pierre’s area of expertise is in the fields of international Civil Liability and contract law.  He has frequently represented victims in aviation claims and as part of this work he co-ordinates legal claims in France, the United States, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain and Spain amongst other countries.

Jean Pierre has been involved in some of the most important cases in Europe creating jurisprudence of jurisdictional competence and governing law in international Courts mostly in the aviation law area.  He speaks fluent French, Spanish, English and Euskara.

Jean Pierre is a member of a number of international legal associations dedicated to representing the interests of tort victims such as the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Global Justice Network (GJN) and the institute de Dommage Corporel in Bordeaux (IDC) in which Jean Pierre takes an active part.  Jean Pierre is a regular speaker at international personal injury Conferences and is always willing to assist foreign colleagues with opinions on applicable law,  quantum and  in acting as French Co-Counsel in personal injury cases.

Jean Pierre Bellecave can be contacted at jean-pierre.bellecave@bcvlex.com and his Firm’s details can be found on www.bcvlex.com

If you wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com and are a practicing French Lawyer please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Wolfgang Frese



Wolfgang Frese has been a member of the PEOPIL General Board since 2009. Wolfgang attended the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel where he graduated in 1981.  He founded his own Law Firm in 1985 which is based in Kiel. 

In 2006 Wolfgang completed special training programmes in labour and traffic law and is an accredited certified specialist in these areas.

Wolfgang mainly represents personal injury victims and is an expert in cross-border personal injury litigation.

Wolfgang is a regular contributor to law books concerning European traffic law and cross – border litigation.  He often speaks at conferences about traffic law and writes periodic articles concerning recent developments in this area.  He is also a member of the German Traffic Court Forum.

Wolfgang is happy to assist any foreign colleagues who need opinions on quantum or applicable law in Germany and is happy to act as co-counsel in any injury claims and can be contacted via email at ra.frese@anwalt-in-kiel.de

If you are a German based Attorney and wish to become a member of PEOPIL please feel free to feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Vassiliki (Silina) Pavlakis-Moschos



Silina Pavlakis is PEOPIL’s General Board Member for Greece.  Silina graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Athens Greece in 1985 and was admitted to the Athens Bar Association in 1989. She is admitted to practice before all civil and penal courts of Greece, including the Supreme Court and the Council of State of Greece. Silina has obtained a Masters Degree from the University College of London, Faculty of Law (LLM).

Silina’s practice is primarily focused on the representation of personal injury victims: she is an internationally recognised expert in maritime personal injury claims and also practices in representing personal injury victims in road traffic, aviation, medical malpractice, product liability and holiday related accidents. She also practices in civil, commercial and corporate law.

Silina is also a member of the governing Council of the Global Justice Network, a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and a member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ).

Silina is one of the founding members of the Piraeus Law Firm Pavlakis-Moschos and Associates and she can be contacted at silinapavlakis@pavlakis-moschos.gr

If you are a personal injury Attorney and wish to become a member of PEOPIL (www.peopil.com) please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.



Dr. Tibor Pataky




Dr Tibor Pataky has been practising as a Hungarian Attorney since April 2011 and in 2014 he obtained the professional qualification of Lawyer specialising in insurance law.

In October 2010, Tibor was elected to the Executive Board of the Institute for European Traffic Law and has been re-elected to that prestigious body twice, in 2014 and in 2017. In September 2012, he was also elected to the General Board of PEOPIL. Since September 2013 Tibor has  been a co-chair of the Young Lawyers Group within the framework of PEOPIL.

In 2017 Tibor completed a PhD (summa cum laude) with his field of research being compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance, with special regard to the European motor insurance directives. Tibor’s  special fields of activity are civil law, with special regard to tort law, insurance law, company law, real estate law, private international law and traffic (criminal) law www.drpataky.hu

If you are a Hungarian based lawyer and wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com to network with other European Personal Injury Lawyers, to exchange information about EU Law and get case referrals please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member


Liam Moloney






Marco Bona



PEOPIL’s General Board Member for Italy is the international Personal Injury Expert and author Marco Bona.  Marco is the co-founder and a Senior Partner at the Turin based law firm Bona Olivia & Associati  (MB.O law, www.mbolaw.it).

Marco is internationally recognised as a leading author and lawyer expert in personal injury law and cross-border claims, European law, consumer law, maritime disasters, holiday and sport accidents.

Marco has successfully represented hundreds of foreign clients in connection with injury claims either in Italy and abroad.  He has extensive experience in mass tort cases like maritime cases (Al Salam Boccaccio, Costa Concordia and Norman Atlantic), aviation disasters (Air France flight AF 447, Valle Argentera helicopter disaster), railway accidents (Val Venosta, Viareggio), industrial disasters (Ali Enterprise Baldia fire, Turin Thyssen Krupp fire), virus outbreaks (in particular salmonella and Legionnaire diseases), terrorist attacks (Bardo Museum in Tunis) and Volkswagen dieselgate. He has also successfully acted for plaintiffs involving road traffic accidents, medical malpractice, accidents at work places, asbestos claims, product liability, damages caused tripping and slipping cases, skiing and sport accidents.

In 2010 Marco was the first lawyer in Italy to successfully assert “Francovich liability” of the Italian Executive for breach of Directive 2004/80/EC relating to compensation to victims of a crime.  In that case Marco Bona represented a young woman from Romania who was a rape victim in Italy.

Marco represented claimants in two relevant cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union, case C-641/18 (Request for a preliminary ruling - Sinking of m/v Al Salam Boccaccio 98 - Jurisdiction in civil and commercial matters - Scope ratione materiae of Regulation EC No 44/2001 - Immunity from jurisdiction - Activities of ship classification and certification societies) and case C-129/19 (Request for a preliminary ruling - Victim of sexual violence - Compensation for the victims of violent intentional crimes - Council Directive 2004/80/EC relating to compensation to crime victims - Scope of the obligation, set out in Article 12(2) thereof, on the Member States to introduce, by 1 July 2005 a general scheme of compensatory protection capable of guaranteeing fair and appropriate compensation to the victims of violent and intentional crimes).

Marco is also highly respected among academics and policy makers. He is an academic and has a PHD in Comparative Private Law at the University of Trento (Italy). He is a former lecturer at Milan Bocconi University, Castellanza University and Novara University; he has a PHD from Trento University in Comparative Private Law.  He is the author of more than 200 publications on Italian, EU and Comparative Law.  He is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars throughout Italy and also provides training to Judges and Lawyers. He has attended as expert a variety of European Parliament and Italian Parliament sessions on road traffic accidents law and applicable law.

Marco also currently holds PEOPIL Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year Award, which he won in 2016 and co-won with Clive Garner in 2017.

Marco and his Firm are happy to act as co-counsel with non-Italian law firms in cases involving Italian residents injured abroad.  Marco and his team are also happy to provide opinions on Italian law, EU law, jurisdiction and applicable law where needed. Marco can be contacted at bona@mbolaw.it for further information.

If you are a personal injury lawyer and wish to become a member of PEOPIL please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Mirella Hartman

The Netherlands


Admitted to the bar in 1990, Mirella has been a partner at the well known Dutch firm of Beer advocaten, Amsterdam  www.beeradvocaten.nl since 1998. Mirella received her Law degree from Leiden University, has completed a Personal Injury post-graduate programme at Grotius Academy and is a certified mediator.

Mirella’s particular expertise lies in personal injury, in particular in medical negligence and RTA cases, catastrophic injury and cross-border litigation. Mirella is a prominent Board member and said today “I am a fan of PEOPIL, because being a member broadens your view on personal injury issues and it's educational. But above all, the foreign colleagues are pleasant Europeans with whom it is good to work.”

If you are a lawyer based in the Netherlands and wish to become a PEOPIL member to network with fellow International personal injury lawyers please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.



Oonagh McClure

Northern Ireland


Oonagh Mc Clure is the Manging Partner of Thompsons N.I and is a serious injury and medical negligence Solicitor. Oonagh is a leader in the personal injury field in the North of Ireland and also deals with medical negligence cases including birth defect, serious spinal and head trauma injury claims. 

Oonagh is also an expert in handling compensation claims for asbestos – related diseases.  Her expertise was acknowledged when she was invited to attend before a committee of the Northern Ireland Parliament to give evidence regarding the impact of living with a diagnosis of pleural plaques.  These efforts lead to the introduction of the Damages (asbestos related conditions) N.I (Act 2011) which secured the right for people diagnosed with pleural plaques to be compensated for bodily injury.

Oonagh also serves on the Executive Board of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), is a member of the Belfast Solicitors Association, the Spinal Injuries Association and AVMA (Action against Medical Accidents).

Oonagh and her team regularly provide legal opinions on applicable law and quantum. She is also happy to act as co-counsel in injury cases. Oonagh can be contacted at oonaghmcclure@thompsonslaw.co.uk.

If you are a personal injury Lawyer and wish to become a member of PEOPIL please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Linda Egeland




Linda Egeland is PEOPIL’s Norwegian Board Member and is a senior lawyer at Haver Advokatfirma AS, www.haver.no, with law offices in Stavanger and Bryne. Haver Advokatfirma AS is also part of a collaboration called Advocatia, www.advocatia.no, with 17 other law firms in Norway.

Linda specializes in tort law, insurance law, social security law and litigation.  She can provide professional advice on securing compensation for personal injury, and she has extensive litigation experience with the Norwegian courts. Linda represents claimants, but she has also useful experience of representing the local government as defendants in some cases. Linda can be contacted at linda.egeland@haver.no

Before Linda graduated from Law School in 2012, she had several internships at different law firms, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, and the Norwegian Supreme Court. During her last year at Law school, she was also employed as a research assistant at the Institute for public law, where she wrote a thesis on disability insurance, which was published by the University of Oslo.

If you are an Attorney practising personal injury law and wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member. 



Jolanta Budzowska



Jolanta Budzowska, attorney-at-law, is a founding partner at the Budzowska Fiutowski and Partners Attorneys at law (www.bf.com.pl) law firm in Poland. She provides legal assistance to victims in personal injury cases. Her expertise focuses on medical negligence cases, road traffic claims , serious work accident claims and aviation accidents. She has obtained for her  client’s  some of the highest awards for personal injury victims in the history of the Polish Judicature. She represents clients in all cross-border personal injury cases involving a Polish aspect. 

She is widely recognized as a leading personal injury lawyer in Poland, named one of the 50 Most Influential Lawyers in 2018 (Daily Legal Newspaper ranking) and awarded with a Golden Paragraph in the Best General Counsel category.

Since January 2012 Jolanta has been a member of the Provincial Commission in the Małopolska voivodeship, which is one of 16 such commissions that have been established in Poland. The main aim of those commissions is to rule on the matter of medical negligence in a special extrajudicial administrative mode. In 2018 she was appointed for her second term.  

Jolanta Budzowska can be contacted by email at j.budzowska@bf.com.pl or via BFP’s office +48 12 428 00 70.

If you are a Polish based Attorney and wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com to network with other European personal injury lawyers please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Dr António da Costa Basto



Antonio da Costa Basto is the founder partner of the law firm António da Costa Basto – Advogados .

He has been practicing law since 1975 and is an expert in personal injury law.  The law firm has its central offices in Lisbon.  Antonio regularly assists international courts giving evidence of legal procedures in Portugal and the amount of damages that injured victims can recover under Portuguese law.  

Antonio can be contacted via email at geral@acbasto.pt or can be contacted by phone 00351 21 590 3825. 

If you are Portuguese based personal injury lawyer and wish to become a member of PEOPIL (www.peopil.com) please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Virgil Melnic



PEOPIL’s Romanian General Board Member is Virgil Melnic of the Virgil Melnic Law Office (VMLO) with offices based in Timisoara, Romania.

Virgil heads up a niche Law Firm specialising in personal injury cases.  Virgil’s main areas of practice are cross-border injury cases, road traffic cases, tourist and travel injury claims and international litigation.

Virgil is the Author of 2008 Romanian Report to European Commission “Compensation of Victims of Cross- Border RTA of Victims of Cross-Border Road Traffic Accidents in the EU” and PIL Country Expert as VMLO is co-counsel with International Law Firms in Cross-Border cases. 

Virgil has spoken at International Legal Conferences about the Personal Injury system in Romania.  He has been involved in many catastrophic personal injury cases and has secured large damages for injury victims in the RO & UK Courts, as the Country Expert and Witness.

Virgil Melnic can be contacted via email at vmiller@online.ro

If you are a personal injury lawyer and wish to become a member of PEOPIL (www.peopil.com) please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.





Mark Gibson



Mark graduated from Glasgow University in 2002 with an LLB (Hons) degree with Spanish Language. He spent a year studying at the University of Granada and has previously worked for law firms in Australia and Hong Kong. Mark is also a former tutor of private, company, commercial and mercantile law at the University of Glasgow. He is a former director of a charitable company limited by guarantee. 

He is now based in Digby Brown's Glasgow and Edinburgh offices and is the head of Digby Brown's Foreign & Travel and Product Liability teams. He specialises in road traffic, occupier's liability, aviation, product liability and general personal injury litigation with a foreign element. He is very experienced in pursuing damages for the relatives of fatal accident victims and has represented families at several Fatal Accident Inquiries. Mark has a particular interest and specialism in product liability, food product liability and defective medical product claims.

Mark is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in Personal Injury Law. He is accredited as a Senior Litigator by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and is the only APIL accredited Accident and Illnesses Abroad Specialist in Scotland. Mark has been the Board Member of (PEOPIL) for Scotland since 2019 and is also a  Revitalization Governor of the American Association for Justice. He regularly delivers legal education seminars to other members of the profession.

You can contact Mark here: Mark.Gibson:digbybrown.co.uk

If you wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com and are a Scottish based Solicitor please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.



Tzvi Brivic

South Africa


PEOPIL is ably represented in the Southern African region by Tzvi Brivik the General Board member representing South Africa. Tzvi graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg with a Bachelor of Commerce degree followed by a Legal Honours Degree.  Tzvi has practised personal injury law and insurance law for over twenty years. He is a partner in the practice of Malcolm Lyons and Brivik Inc which was established in 1965. Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Inc. have offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg www.lyonsbriviklaw.com.

Tzvi has been involved in a significant number of leading cases in South Africa and he is a member of various international organisations and has worked as co-counsel with colleagues from numerous jurisdictions bringing justice to injured persons.

Tzvi also litigates cases involving catastrophic injuries and this includes product liability claims. Tzvi can be contacted at tzvi@lyonsbriviklaw.com

If you are an Attorney based in South Africa and wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Natalia Astigarraga




PEOPIL’s Spanish Board Member is Natalia Astigarraga a Senior Associate in the Tort Law & Personal Injury Department of Cremades and Calvo-Sotelo www.cremadescalvosotelo.com

Natalia’s professional career started in 2008 when she joined the Personal Injury Department of Irwin Mitchell Abogados in Spain.  She then moved to Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Abogados in 2013.

Natalia is regularly instructed as an expert in Spanish Law injury cases. She has extensive experience in holiday claims resulting from accidents abroad involving Hotels, tour operators as well as claims against public bodies such as Local Authorities and hospitals.  Her wide-ranging experience also includes claims resulting from the transport of passengers by road, air and sea and medical negligence, specifically in relation to birth injuries.

Natalia has participated in several Forums as a speaker on matters related to cross border claims involving different jurisdictions and has appeared in specialised publications with articles on comparative law and personal injury.  She is a member of the Malaga Bar Association, the American Association for Justice (AAJ), APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers UK) and the Spanish Association of Lawyers who specialise in Civil Liability and insurance matters.

Natalia can be contacted via email at nastigarraga@cremadescalvosotelo.com .

If you are a personal injury Attorney and wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.com please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Joakim Jäderström



Joakim Jäderström is PEOPIL Board member for Sweden and is an expert in Personal Injury and insurance law. His main areas of expertise are claims involving road traffic accidents, medical negligence and claims with a cross-border dimension. He is a Partner at Legare Advokatbyrå www.legare.se with law offices in Stockholm, Umeå and Västerås joakim.jaderstrom@legare.se


Joakim represents claimants and acts regularly on behalf of claimants in Swedish courts. He is also a lecturer in Insurance law at the Institute of Business Administration in Stockholm and is often engaged as a speaker on personal injury law topics.


His legal career started, after a law degree at the University of Stockholm, at the District Court in Västervik and thereafter at the Swedish Road Traffic Injuries Commission in Stockholm. Joakim Jäderström joined Legare Advokatbyrå in 2007.


If you are a Swedish based Lawyer and wish to join PEOPIL (www.peopil.com) to benefit from networking with other International Travel Lawyers please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Martin Habluetzel



Martin Hablützel is a board member of PEOPIL since 2012 representing Switzerland in the organisation and he is the founder and managingPartner in the Zurich Law Firm schadenanwaelte www.schadenanwaelte.ch  He has a strong reputation for representing asbestos victims, victims of road and work accidents or as a result of mountaineering or other risk activities. Since 2005 Martin has also been Chair of „fragile Zurich“, a victims’s organisation for people with brain injuries.

Martin attended the University of Zurich, where he graduated in 1992. He qualified as a solicitor in 1995 and since 1998 has specialised in Personal Injury law. He acquired the Fachanwalt in Haftpflicht- und Versicherungsrecht“ in 2009, the first year the title was awarded to specialist lawyers in liability and insurance law.

From 2011 to 2014 Martin was an expert in the Panel of Judges at the insurance law department of the Commercial Court of Zurich (Fachrichter am Handelsgericht des Kantons Zürich).

You can contact Martin here: habluetzel@schadenanwaelte.ch

If you wish to become a member of PEOPIL www.peopil.comand are a Swiss based Lawyer please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.



Arsene Kronshagen



PEOPIL is well served by its Luxembourg General Board Member Arsene Kronshagen.  Arsene’s Law Firm Kronshagen Avocats – a – la Cour www.kronshagen.lu open their Law Office in 1982 and it is based in Luxembourg city.

Arsene’s Firm covers both traditional litigation (such as civil, criminal and commercial disputes) and business law (such as advising on company law). 

Kronshagen Avocat are also members of Euro Juris and the IBA.

Arsene was admitted to the Luxembourg Bar in 1979 and speaks Luxembourgeois, French, German and English. Arsene is happy to work as co-counsel with international law firms on cases relevant to his Firm’s practice.  Arsene can be contacted by telephone (352 – 45 44 04 328) or by email at ak@kronshagen.lu

If you are personal injury lawyer based in Luxembourg and wish to become a member of PEOPIL (www.peopil.com) please feel free to click on this link to become a PEOPIL member.


Oleg Fedotov

Oleg Fedotov



Oleg Fedotov is PEOPIL’s Ukrainian Board Member and is the founding partner of the “Jurinter Law Firm” based in Mariupol, Ukraine www.jurinter.org

Oleg and his team specialise in personal injury claims with a particular expertise in handling complex maritime, aviation, road traffic and cross-border personal injury claims. 

Oleg started his legal practice in 1993 and headed the legal department of a major marine insurance company in Ukraine “ Azov Insurance Company”.  In 1999 he co-founded and took charge of the Jurinter Law Firm which was one of the first Ukrainian Law Firms after the declaration of independence to provide personal injury legal services.

Oleg is also a member of IBA, the Ukrainian Bar Association, IR Global and winner of national and international awards in the field of personal injury.

Oleg is happy to work as co-counsel with foreign law firms and can provide expert opinions on quantum and applicable law for any Ukrainian associated cases. 

Oleg Fedotov can be contacted at fedotov@jurinter.com or by telephone 00380 629417142/0038067 760 7865

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