From The President

From The President

PEOPIL was founded in 1997 by a group of personal injury lawyers - plaintiffs as well as defendants - practicing in various jurisdictions in Europe. Their aim was to set up a networking organisation to provide a forum for dialogue and discussion among lawyers practicing personal injury law across Europe.


The organisation’s main objectives are proper and fair compensation for victims and access to justice. Furthermore, PEOPIL promotes and encourages the exchange of information and knowledge. Networking also is a good basis to get mandates for example in cross border accident cases from other members of PEOPIL.

PEOPIL has formed European Exchange groups for members, where they can share information and discuss issues in their specific area of interest. These groups communicate on the website’s forum, and regularly organise seminars, which are well known for their outstanding content.

PEOPIL has an Academic Group for academic members. Among other things, this group has published two books: ‘Personal Injury Compensation in Europe’ and ‘Fatal Accidents and Secondary Victims’. These books are now standard literature for practitioners and academics working in the field of personal injury in Europe. PEOPIL has plans to update these books and add chapters for the new countries that have joined the European Union since 2003.
PEOPIL members receive newsletters on a regular basis with updates of case law in Europe and latest news from the European institutions.

PEOPIL is an accredited lobbyist at the European Parliament and a member of the European Justice Forum within the European Union.

The PEOPIL Tort Reform Group closely watches tort reform issues and initiatives on a European level. These initiatives vary from consultations on Road Traffic Accidents through the European Commission, to consultations on cross border health care and on coach and bus transport harmonisation. The Academic Committee together with the Tort Reform Group is responsible for the production of position papers, which are also published on our website.

PEOPIL holds an annual conference for members. The conferences are well attended and a great opportunity for networking among members. PEOPIL has attracted a number of highly respected and authoritative speakers. The conferences and seminars qualify for educational points for members from different countries (e.g. England, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy).

PEOPIL’s office is located in Birmingham, England and is led by Chief Executive Officer, Dr Wolfgang Resch. PEOPIL is a great organisation for lawyers practicing personal injury in Europe.

Please join the organisation if you are not a member yet, come to one of our seminars or conferences and enjoy the networking opportunities while upgrading your knowledge. We encourage young lawyers to become a member. We have a special group keeping the interests of young lawyers. We also offer a lower membership rate for junior lawyers who have been qualified less than 5 years.
I look forward to welcoming you at a PEOPIL event in the near future.


Yours sincerely,


John Beer